Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is ShopatMAP?

ShopatMAP is a socially conscious online store that offers artisan made, one-of-a-kind,  and sustainably produced jewelry, accessories, and home decor. Our unique, eco-friendly products are handcrafted and ethically sourced to help you express your individuality, live fashionably, and mindfully while positively impacting the world.

What is artisan made?

Artisans use time-honored traditions to handcraft unique products. They utilize materials from local, sustainable sources to craft and create these products in limited quantities.

How does ShopatMAP empower artisans?

We find talented, emerging artisans in various countries that have limited means to selling their goods, and who are striving to make an income and a better life for themselves and their families. 

ShopatMAP provides sustainable economic opportunity to these artisans. By building personal relationships and forging strong connections with them and their communities, we empower these artisans to learn financial literacy, continue to hone their craftsmanship with ethically sourced products, and regularly purchase their handcrafted goods at fair prices.

Does ShopatMAP practice fair trade?

Yes, we connect the artisans to the global marketplace by using honest and transparent practices. We respect each individual and their talent, and ensure that they work in a safe work environment with child labor prevention practices.

How is ShopatMAP eco-friendly?

All our artisanal products are handcrafted utilizing locally-sourced, recycled or upcycled, sustainable materials.

How does ShopatMAP provide sustainability?

We provide sustainable income to the artisans by connecting them into the global marketplace and with mindful, socially-conscious consumers. Handcrafted products is the largest global employment and ShopatMAP ethically sources its products from artisans that depend on income from selling their products to sustain themselves and their families.

Additionally, ShopatMAP educates and works with artisans who use locally-sourced and earth-friendly sustainable resources to create their artisanal pieces.

How does ShopatMAP support community development initiatives?

Proceeds from ShopatMAP provide capital and sustainability to Moms Against Poverty (MAP) and its child poverty initiatives. Additionally, we help build artisan skills and train young adults through MAP’s vocational training programs to help provide economic opportunity to young adults in developing countries.

How does ShopatMAP cultivate social consciousness?

We provide a socially-conscious, online shopping experience for consumers, bringing awareness to the negative effects of the fashion industry and offering them an alternative means to stay fashionable and stay green. We support social conscious practices, and give voice to the artisan stories in marginalized communities striving to connect them to mindful consumers around the world. We endeavor to reduce environmental pollution by promoting production of eco-conscious products and conscious consumerism.

Thank you for supporting our business and mission during this challenging time. 
We appreciate the life-changing difference that your purchase makes in the lives of
our artisans and in the childhood education and poverty initiatives it funds.