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SHOP AT MAP is a socially conscious online marketplace with a mission to provide economic opportunity for marginalized and impoverished artisans around the globe. Specifically focusing on women, at-risk casualties of sexual trade, domestic violence, single mothers and young entrepreneurs. SHOP AT MAP supports unique and exclusive products that are hand-crafted, high quality with low environmental footprint, produced by marginalized artists.

We aspire to empower independent artisans by plugging them into the online market and connecting them to mindful, socially conscious consumers. Our mission is to change the world one purchase at a time!

SHOP AT MAP was a vision created by Ladan Judge and Delfarib Fanaie after years of working together as Principals of Moms Against Poverty (MAP), where they are creating solutions to alleviate poverty around the world. The mission of SHOP AT MAP is to support the work of MAP by providing economic opportunity in marginalized and impoverished communities and to bring sustainability to MAP and the communities that they serve. All profits will go towards supporting MAP initiatives and projects in continuing to make a positive impact around the world! MAP was launched in 2008 by a group of individuals, who believe that, every child deserves a chance to thrive in this world regardless of where they are born.

Where Do We Buy From?

In Kenya, unemployment rates for the deaf are as high as 85%, as the deaf are generally considered to be unsuited for work. This discrimination is heightened against deaf women, who are often mistreated by their spouses or families. Sasa Designs by the Deaf was founded in 2011 to combat the stigma of deafness, and to offer jewelry-making jobs to deaf women who otherwise may never have been able to earn a living. The artisans at Sasa are mostly single mothers who work hard to support their children by making enough money to feed them and send them to school. The organization operates out of a safe, clean workspace where artisans can feel respected and accomplished.

In rural Guatemala, women too often find themselves stuck in a vicious cycle of poverty. Kiej de los Bosques, a company founded in 2004, aims to end this cycle of poverty, and in its place establish a “cycle of prosperity.” Kiej de los Bosques envisions a world in which communities from around the globe can unite by sharing their stories through their artisan work. Over the last decade, Kiej de los Bosques has employed an ever-growing number of women artisans, who have been able to provide for themselves and their families; build their communities; and feel optimistic about the future. Recently, Kiej de los Bosques has grown, expanding its work into Panama, where it hopes to reach new markets and artisan groups.

Of the 2 million children in Guatemala that do not attend school, the majority are girls living in rural areas. It's not uncommon for girls to leave school by the age of 12, and this lack of education means they are the most vulnerable to early marriage, frequent childbearing, violent danger, injustice and chronic poverty. Your purchase of our Bracelet provides rural Guatemalan girls with the resources they need to fulfill their dreams of education. This scholarship program will help to lighten the burden of school costs on Guatemalan families, going towards school registration, tuition fees, travel expenses, school uniforms, and supplies like textbooks.


Neda Blocho

Cofounder & President


Roshanak Sadeghi

Cofounder & VP of Operations


Marjan Javaherian

Cofounder & VP of Products


Gelareh Esfahlani

Cofounder & VP of Products


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Board Members

Delfarib Fanaie, Founder & Chairman of the Board

A compassionate humanitarian and an advocate of children all over the world, fulfilling her life-long vision to extend a helping hand to the neediest children in the most deprived countries of the world, Delfarib founded Moms Against Poverty (MAP) in 2008. With over 35 years of experience in the real estate market, Delfarib currently serves as the President & CEO of MAP and the Founder & Chairman of the Board of SHOP AT MAP. Additionally, Delfarib serves on the Advisory Board of Avalan Institute.

Ladan Judge, Founder & Vice Chairman of the Board

The belief that we need to be the change we want to see in the world led Ladan to co-found Moms Against Poverty (MAP) in 2008 and has served as the COO since then. She founded and serves as the Vice Chairman of the Board of SHOP AT MAP. Ladan holds a Doctorate in Vitalistic Healing and Homeopathic Medicine and a BS in Electrical Engineers. She has additionally, co-owned a Holistic Health Center, co-launched an e-commerce business and worked as an Electrical Engineer.

Yasamin Shamshiri, Member Board Of Directors

An experienced Board Member with a demonstrated history of working in the philanthropy industry. Strong business development professional skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Integrated Marketing, Event Management, Media Relations, and Corporate Communications. She also serves as MAP's Finance and Compliance Officer.

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