Meet the Artisans of Kathmandu Valley

Meet the Artisans of Kathmandu Valley

Tucked away in the surrounding Kathmandu Valley of Nepal live the five hardworking women artisans who struggle to earn a livelihood with their charming handmade jewelry crafted with semiprecious stones.

Photo by KamilaS

Nepal, a multicultural and multiethnic country, is nestled in the heart of the Himalayas. 

As a branch of the ancient Silk Road the region has developed distinct traditional art and architecture. 

There are 125 distinct ethnic groups each with their own unique indigenous and folk traditions.

The art of Nepal is a blend of this rich cultural heritage. The jewelry designs are a blend of wood, metal, semi precious stone and pearls. Most jewelry from Nepal is made of brass, copper and silver mixed with amethyst, amber, jade, agate, garnet, lapis lazuli, carnelian and opal.

Sanju, Goma, Sita, Hari and Janaka each use the art of jewelry handicraft to support themselves and their children. It is difficult for women with limited means and education to find a suitable job or to set up their own small business.

These ladies each had to leave primary school at an early age in order to find jobs and to support their families. They were fortunate to obtain jobs and receive training in the art of jewelry making.

Due to the impact of the pandemic, these ladies and their families were faced additional financial hardships which led them to move away from the big city and back to their villages.  

Currently they work together at their village creating beautiful malas and other jewelry. The purchase of their beautifully handcrafted malas, allows them to continue making jewelry at home and earning money to support their family. 

Written by ShopatMAP

The Semiprecious Mala Collection by The Craftswomen of Kathmandu Valley