Meet the Artisan: Rona

Meet the Artisan: Rona

Creator of Bespoke Wire Art Earrings from the Philippines

As a young emerging artist in the Philippines, Rona hails from the delicious world of baking thanks to her degree in culinary arts.  One day at a lunch gathering with some Titas (Aunties), she serendipitously discovered her next artistic career.  

While her Titas sat around the table happily chatting and telling the latest family escapades, their hands were busy passing the time beading.  Her interest piqued, Rona looked further into handcrafted jewelry and stumbled upon wire jewelry.  She instantly fell in love with the craft and founded her bespoke wire jewelry business in 2018.

Rona is a one woman shop and learned to design and create earrings on her own. Her unique pieces are crafted from non-tarnish copper and jewelry wires.  All of her designs whether teardrop, dangle or stud earrings sparkle with semiprecious gemstones and highlight freshwater pearls from sustainable farms. She captures the essence and beauty of the Philippines known as the “Pearl of the Orient'' in her designs. 

When she requires other materials for her pieces such as shells as seen in her Capiz Shell Lapis Lazuli earrings, Rona works with other sustainable and eco-conscious sources that support the local communities in need.

Photo courtesy of Rona

The global pandemic has created setbacks and challenges in her business with art craft shows cancelling events indefinitely. These cancellations have, unfortunately, impacted her way of reaching customers, sharing her jewelry, and helping her community.  

As a young entrepreneur, she continues working to build a business around her passion. Until Covid restrictions are lifted and life returns to normal, she is focusing on expressing her art through her handcrafted designs. She hopes to expand her creations to include other jewelry pieces like rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Rona looks forward to working with ShopatMAP to share her extraordinary line of jewelry with socially conscious consumers who will, in turn through their purchases, help support her local community. She hopes that people will enjoy wearing her pieces to celebrate the beauty of life and will pass her special jewelry on to generations after. 

Written by ShopatMAP

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