Meet the Artisan: Djénéba

Meet the Artisan: Djénéba

Creator of vibrant West African fabric necklaces

Photo courtesy of Mode Fin d'Année - Pr : BIJOU NDIAYE

Djénéba is a local businesswoman and emerging artist who runs a small boutique specializing in jewelry and women’s fashion in Dakar, Senegal. 

While visiting the Moms Against Poverty (MAP) Senegal program site in January of 2020, the founders of ShopatMAP, Ladan Judge and Delfarib Fanaie, and others on the MAP team, had a fortuitous meeting with Djénéba in the market area of Dakar.

They discovered her exclusively designed products that mix traditional West African colors and designs with modern cuts and styles. 

Photos by Human Vafaie

Djénéba employs three female artisans in-house to produce her stunning necklaces. These young women have never had the opportunity for an education and were struggling with low-wage day jobs until Djénéba hired and trained them. 

The impact of your purchase of her Jovial “Joyful” Fabric necklaces not only helps her sustain her business by providing employment for her young employees, but also helps MAP continue to provide educational resources to impoverished children in Senegal. 

View the full selection of Jovial “Joyful” Fabric necklaces by Djénéba.


Written by: ShopatMAP