Meet the Artisan: Matilda

Meet the Artisan: Matilda

Bracelet artisan in Guatemala

There are over 2 million children in Guatemala that do not attend school and the majority of them are girls who live in the rural areas. Even if these girls do receive some education, it is common for them to leave school by the age of 12 to seek employment or marriage. 

This lack of education leaves these young girls vulnerable to early marriage, multiple pregnancies, exposure to violence and ultimately stuck in a vicious cycle of poverty. 

Kiej de los Bosques helps these women by offering them training and employment. Matilda is one of these women artisans, who has been able to provide for herself and her family through her craft. 

Your purchase of the Bundle of Joy Bracelets (link to bracelets) or the individual bracelets in this collection, provides Matilda and other Guatemalan girls with the resources they need to become an artisan and to make a living from their craft. The bracelets are made of locally sourced, eco friendly wax-coated cotton thread. 

Her products include Bundle of Joy, Twist of Fait and, Unity Bracelet.

Your purchase not only provides employment opportunities but also helps fund for the education and vocational training of young impoverished girls living in rural Guatemala.