Meet the Artisan: Ibu

Meet the Artisan: Ibu

Bracelet artisan in Dakar

Ibu is a Senegalese artisan who followed in his father’s footsteps and became a jeweler. After finishing fifth grade, Ibu completed vocational training in jewelry and carpentry, and began working with his father. He now has a workshop in the city center of Dakar located next to several other artisans, where he works and sells his jewelry.

Ibu creates bracelets made of remnants of waxed cotton fabric. This type of fabric is commonly used in Senegal and all of West Africa. It is sourced locally and helps reduce textile waste. He also works with eco-friendly shells found commonly in the area. 

His business helps create jobs for young men and women who have no opportunity to go to school. Currently, he employs six young men and women who depend on this job to sustain themselves. Ibu relies on the tourism industry to sell his products and keep his business afloat. With COVID-19 impeding travel and the tourism industry, a driver of the Dakar economy, he is struggling. 

Working with ShopatMAP allows his local workshop to connect to  a global marketplace, which is especially important during the pandemic

How can you make an impact?
By purchasing Ibu’s jewelry  you not only help Ibu and his employees make a living, but you also help provide food and healthcare for orphans and impoverished children in Senegal. You can also find his other products here.

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