Fashion Trends to Brighten Your Summer Wardrobe

Fashion Trends to Brighten Your Summer Wardrobe

After months of loungewear, comfy scarves, and stay-at-home style, this summer is the season to burst some color back into your life with the latest summer fashion trends of 2021. The sun is peeking, the weather is warming up, and trends are focused on brightening and simplifying.

This year is all about that beachy aesthetic, complemented by bright hues of pinks and softened with minimalistic styles. It’s time for eco-friendly woven handbags, shiny shell jewelry, and light, calming colors.

Stay on-trend and find out how you can incorporate these fun and fashionable styles into your daily wardrobe this sunny season.

Stand Out With Bold Colored Bangles & Bags

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Each year, summer is associated with bright colors to match the warmth of the season. This year, the talk of the town since Versace hit the runway with neon band jewelry, is bold, vibrant-colored accessories like bracelets and bags in brilliant hues that leave you saying “Wow.”

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You can easily add zest to a simple outfit by accessorizing with bold colored bangles. Pair a single-colored shirt or dress with a bright bangle set like the Sourire “Smile” Bangle set of six, made by the artisan Ibu in Dakar.

You can also jump on this trend by pairing a basic neutral shirt or dress with a boldly colorful handbag like the Mitr “Friend” Embroidered Bag at ShopatMAP. This fun beautiful bag is skillfully hand-embroidered by female artisans in India who have partnered with our store.

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Bright and bold colors are always in fashion during summertime, but to balance the look, you can always consider a more minimalist accessory like this Samrosa “Beauty” Silk Tote Bag in brilliant pink or in four other gorgeous colors.






Keep it Simple With Minimalistic Matching

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Many popular summer fashion trends focus on looking bigger, brighter, and bolder. This year minimalism is making waves with the likes of Prada, Chloe, and Sportsmax, according to Vogue, encouraging us to match our outfits with elegance and sophistication in mind. Simple is often better, even during the summertime.

To accessorize a bold outfit, you can add a minimalist touch with simple silver or gold jewelry. For example, wear a solid Navy T-shirt and keep it simple with an elegant silver bracelet like the Abi “Blue” Lapiz Lazuli Bracelet. You can also pair a solid pink summer dress with a clean gold bracelet like the Upendo “Love” Brass Cuff from ShopatMAP.

If you have jewelry covered, you can tone down a bold outfit in a minimalist way with a gorgeous natural handbag like the Matika “Elegant” Purse. It is handwoven by artisans in the Philippines where all the raw materials are harvested and processed locally.

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The minimalist style has “chic” written all over it. For a more subtle color palette, tone down the summer brights but keep the colors fun with softened hues. Pastels are a fashionable option, and they are here to stay.

Kick back and Relax Wearing Calming Pastel Hues

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You can still indulge in all your favorite colors while sticking to a softer, more simplistic look. Pastel hues are making a massive comeback in almost every major fashion collection this summer and are perfect to kick back and relax in. These cool colors calm the mind with their gentle presence while keeping the sun at bay by reflecting more sun.

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Embrace this trend by pairing a soft flowing blouse with a stylish beaded pastel pink necklace like the Rose Quartz “Love” Mala. You can add an extra soothing touch to this heavenly pairing with a matching pastel pink “Love” Bracelet to finish the look or wear it on its own to keep things simple.

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Speaking of beachy, the tropical island wanderer style is back again in more ways than one. This year the first styles washing up to shore are shiny beach shells and pearl jewelry statement pieces.

Beach Chic at the Office with Shell and Pearl Jewelry

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Like a beautiful siren singing over the ocean’s melody, pearl jewelry and beach shell accessories are more in-style than a fish’s fin. From brands like Chanel to top designers like Emilia Wickstead, pearls are all over the runway this season. The style is carefree and elegant, invigorating almost any look from boring office drab, to breezy holiday attire.

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To bring this summer trend into the office with grace, pair a dark blouse with a gorgeous, shimmering pair of pearlescent earrings like these Ginto Mother of Pearl Earrings, or these Cabebe shell Maputi “White” Earrings both handmade by artisan Rona in the Philippines.

Image by Spaxiax & ShopatMAP 

You can keep things formal or flowing with this contemporary Tatsulok “Triangle” Choker. A shiny shell necklace like this made from sustainable copper and Pteria Penguin shell is a stunning contrast against darker attire or can complement a flowy white dress with ease.

On the topic of beach chic, eco-friendly woven accessories are all the rage for summer 2021. Standing out amongst the crowd are bags, purses, and wallets - the ultimate accessory to bring together any summer look.

Keep Things Casually Cool With Woven Accessories

Image by Marlon Trottmann

Nothing says summer like a beautiful woven beach bag. Handwoven natural accessories are yet another major trend this year, adding to the beachy aesthetic and making you glow like a gorgeous seaside goddess. Natural, handwoven, and glamorous sum up this style with eco-friendly baskets, bags, and jewelry too.

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Dive into the deep end of this trend with a statement handwoven beach bag like the Makabago “Stylish” Purse from ShopatMAP, exquisitely made with eco-friendly, locally grown materials by artisans in the Philippines. A bag like this can instantly turn any summer outfit into an elegant beachy look.

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If you only want to dip your toes into this beachy trend, why not start with a smaller woven accessory, like the Makulay “Colorful” Wallet to compliment a soft summer dress, or throw on a boho woven satchel like the eco-friendly Anyo “Fashion” Crossbody Bag if you need something big enough to accommodate more than your phone and keys. 

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You can also head straight to the beach, put your feet in the sand, and show off your beachy-chic summer vibe with macrame jewelry like these stunning macrame Angel Wing Earrings handmade by artisan Ellen in Zimbabwe. Simply pair them with a tank top, a comfy pair of blue jeans and a beach hat, or flaunt them by the poolside. Your choice is as good as gold.

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While you’re out and about, you can express yourself this summer by choosing the look that suits you best. Fashion can be about more than just looking your best, but feeling your best too.

Stay On-Trend This Summer With ShopatMAP Style

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If you want to look and feel your best this summer, why not treat yourself to a ShopatMAP artisan-crafted accessory? After all, summer is about glowing up, having fun, and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

You can also rest assured that each item is eco-friendly and ethically sourced from some of the most talented artisans from marginalized communities around the world. 100% of the profit from every sale goes towards education and food programs for impoverished children within these communities.

And as we bask and enjoy the warmth of summer this year, we hope that you stay safe, and stay sunny!

The ShopatMAP team