5 Reasons Lapis Lazuli Is Amongst  The World's Finest Stones

5 Reasons Lapis Lazuli Is Amongst The World's Finest Stones

Photo by Graciela Zerpa 

Lapis Lazuli is one of the most sought after stones in the world today. Known as a celestial stone of wisdom, it is loved for its beautiful deep blue color with shining gold flecks like stars in the night sky. This ancient stone is named accordingly with “lapis” meaning stone and “lazuli” translating to heaven, sky, or blue. 

The Lapis Lazuli stone has a rich ancient history dating back beyond the time of the Pharaohs, and has been used for statues, jewelry, and even to make paint! With many metaphysical properties, this stone is loved as a companion during meditation for protection and wisdom. 

Keep reading to find out why lapis lazuli was so loved by ancient humans, why you should carry Lapis Lazuli with you, and many other interesting things the stone has been used for. 

1. A Rich Ancient History

Photo by Felix Mittermeier 

Lapis Lazuli is reputed for having a very rich history alongside humankind, dating back to 7000 BC where it was first mined in the Badakhshan province of northeastern Afghanistan. 

The stone was very highly valued by many ancient civilizations including the Egyptians, Mesopotamians, and Indus Valley people. Lapis Lazuli was prized as much as other blue precious gems like sapphire and turquoise and was as expensive as gold. 

Carved lapis gems and figurines have been found at various neolithic archeological sites, in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan, dated as far back as 3000 BC. 

Historically, this treasured stone is said to line the mask of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, along with carnelian, turquoise, and gold. It was also ground and used as make up for Queen Cleopatra, who is known for her bold eye makeup in ancient Egyptian history. 

The ultramarine blue, used by famous historical painters Michelangelo and Peter Paul Rubens, often used to paint the robes of the Virgin Mary, was made by crushing the rare blue stone we know and love as Lapis Lazuli. 

The vast history of this celestial blue stone shows just how special owning a piece can be. Our Lapis Lazuli Jewelry comes from the original country of origin for this ancient jewel, Afghanistan. Each piece is skillfully handmade by artisans, with 100% of the proceeds going towards supporting them and their families.

2. Holds Celestial Beauty

Photo by FelixMittermeier

There is a reason why the Lapis Lazuli stone is so revered and loved among modern and ancient humans. That reason is the magnificent beauty that the stone possesses. 

It is a rich navy blue, as deep as the ocean, predominantly formed from the mineral Lazurite. Sparkling golden flecks of the fool’s gold, Pyrite, are cosmically sprinkled over the stone’s surface, and streaks of fluffy white calcite, leave cloudlike interjections between the gold and blue.

It is this celestial appearance that mesmerized the ancient civilizations as if they were gazing up at the night sky, filled with stars. This beauty, along with the rarity, is the reason why the stone was kept for royalty, special sculptures, and cost as much as gold. 

3. A Meditation Companion

The awe-inspiring appearance, paired with the deep ancient knowledge that the Lapis Lazuli stone is said to hold, makes this stone one of the best meditation companions.

Due to the belief that Lapis Lazuli’s properties could enhance psychic abilities and the sacred relationship that ancient civilizations had with this stone,  it is not surprising that gurus and spiritualists use this stone to delve deeper into their meditations. 

Even without the metaphysical benefits, gazing upon a Lapis Lazuli stone evokes a state of relaxation. Along with this, holding the knowledge of the stone’s history in mind as you meditate can help open your deep ancestral roots. 

During meditation, the stone can be held in the palm of your hand in polished form, or placed in raw form on the ground in front of you. Lapis Lazuli jewelry can also be worn during meditation for the same effect. 

4. Versatile: A Stone With Many Faces

Image by Jacqueline Macau

Many semi-precious stones are used for various things, including sculptures and jewelry, but the uses of Lapis Lazuli go far beyond that! Throughout the years that humans have used this stone, there have been interesting discoveries of the benefits and properties that the stone carries.

Lapis Lazuli’s most popular use has always been for jewelry and sculptures. You can find this stone in necklaces, bracelets, and rings, encased in precious metals like silver, as seen in ShopatMAP, as well as bracelets and necklaces made with beautiful Lapis Lazuli beads. 

The stone is favored for carving sculptures thanks to a hardness level averaging around 5 Mohs. Sculptures carved from lapis date back thousands of years, but you can still find plenty of sculptures carved by modern-day artists and artisans worldwide.

An interesting fate, the stone was crushed to form a very useful powder in the middle ages, used to make the world’s finest ultramarine blue paint. The elusive powder was also used as an eyeshadow worn by Cleopatra.

Lapis Lazuli is also commonly used in health and beauty products because of its healing properties. The stone is polished and used to make facial rollers to promote youthful skin, as well as body massagers. 

5. The Wisdom Stone

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood

An ally to countless ancient leaders and civilizations, the Lapis Lazuli stone has earned the nickname “The Wisdom Stone” for its foretold ability to improve cognition. 

A universal symbol of intellect and truth, this stone is said to be an excellent tool for anyone in an intellectual practice including lawyers, writers, psychologists, and executives. 

Wearing Lapis Lazuli jewelry, or carrying the stone with you, stimulates the thirst for knowledge and improved memory. The stone also encourages honesty, and improved communication making it the perfect stone for harmonious relationships. 

Carry a stone, or wear Lapis Lazuli jewelry for important meetings, presentations, or exams to attract success, promotions, and a bit of luck!

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