3 Chic Accessories to Transition your Look from Summer to Fall

3 Chic Accessories to Transition your Look from Summer to Fall

As autumn descends upon us with shorter days and cooler nights, summer essentials begin to work their way out of our everyday wardrobe, and fresh fall style begins to settle in. While the crisp fall air fills our lungs, thoughts of beautiful leathers, autumn colors, and new, seasonal fashion fill our minds. 

Fall fashion is a dream – whether you’re keen towards the fall classics, or looking for new trends to spice up your look, accessories will never go out of style or season. With the many choices of brilliantly handmade and ethically-created fashion accessories available, you can feel great wearing tasteful statement pieces, earthy  jewel tones, and a pop of leather – all created by talented, global artisans. While the weather outside may be dreary, these accessories will ensure your outfit won’t be!

Jazz it Up with Statement Earrings

During fall, our outfits may be centered around comfy sweaters paired with jeans and stylish boots, making the swing of statement earrings an eye-catching and bold addition. Statement earrings are classic no matter what season – beautiful colors combined with unique details liven up any outfit with a fall twist. While summer focused on bright and lively shades, fall focuses more on classy details and rich, warm golden tones.

The fall combinations of shimmering metallics, luminescent gemstones, and other unique elements add a glimmer of shine and sparkle, while keeping it sophisticated. The beautiful accessory combinations serve to enhance any outfit without overpowering it. 

To add dazzling statement earrings to your fall outfits, try ShopatMAP’s “Ginto Mother of Pearl Earrings” created by a talented female artisan in the Philippines. These uniquely designed golden crystal, herringbone earrings are delicately wrapped in brass beads that feature Mother of Pearl teardrops.

For more dramatic flair that can transition and elevate your look from day-to-night, these Roya “Dream” Earrings are beautifully hand-embroidered and striking in color and shape. Handmade entirely from start to finish by disadvantaged female artisans in small villages, not only are these earrings a sensational fashion statement, but by adding them to your wardrobe you’ll empower artisan livelihoods with your purchase. 


A Soft, Silky Transition to Fall

No matter the season, silk is classic, timeless, and sophisticated. And always in style. So, before stuffing your summer silks in the back of your closet, consider their place in your fall wardrobe.  Amp up fall fashion with a silk headband, a gorgeous shawl, or an essential tote bag to organize your daily errands. This fall, incorporate vibrant colors with silk textures to softly and elegantly accentuate your look. 

Silk is wonderful because of its versatility, especially during the cool fall weather. Going out for a chilly night on the town? Throw our Samarosa ‘Beauty’ Silk Shawl around your shoulders to accent a dressy, date-night ensemble. Heading to the local cafe to do some work?  Accessorize with a cute silk headband or use a tote bag to carry your laptop and finish off your casual, comfy outfit. The Sault ‘Silk’ Headband gets the job done flawlessly, as does the Samarosa ‘Beauty’ Tote Bag. These handcrafted silk accessories from ShopatMAP’s silk artisans in Cambodia add a tasteful, polished elegance to your fall outfit. They’re available in assorted warm shades and jewel tones, depending on your preference!

Sustainable & Fashionable Leather for Fall

Much like silk, leather is famously known for its classic fall feel – an important staple in 

anyone’s seasonal closet. However, the harmful environmental impact and carbon footprint of traditional leather products demand sustainable and ethically-sourced leather practices that are earth-friendly, and meet the style demands of the fashionista. It’s true...you can still be fashionable in your eco-friendly leather accessories and choices!  

Just like its predecessors, this fall will inevitably feature all things leather, including jackets, boots, and, of course, accessories. The beauty of sustainable leather is typically found in its simplicity and the ease with which it can be matched to any outfit. Responsibly sourced leather is more than just the usual browns and blacks. Put a spin on the beloved basics and spice up your fall fashion with bohemian-inspired, unique leather handbags that draw admiration and attention. The Sustainable Leather Bag collection from ShopatMAP offers bags that are the perfect addition to any fall look, and come in an array of fall colors: timeless brown, beautiful blue, autumn red, and, of course, classic black. These handmade, crossbody bags of ethically-sourced, local leather are crafted by gifted global artisans in Asia, and add a hint of color to your fall palette jazzing up your casual, cool weather style. They are striking not just in color, but are also unique due to detailed, hand-embroidered designs by female artisans who practice a traditional art form of stitching colorful patterns and geometric needlework onto the leather

Revamp Fall Fashion with ShopatMAP Accessories

Take advantage of the fresh fall atmosphere to revamp your style. Time to switch from bright summer and spring colors to understated, warm muted tones. But make no mistake – with the perfect accessories, understated never means boring! ShopatMAP’s unique, one-of-a-kind accessories are exclusively created for them by underprivileged, talented artisans around the world and brought to conscious consumers like you. With your purchase, you can support marginalized communities while simultaneously looking your best and showcasing your individuality. Let fashion bring us all together this fall season by living fashionably and mindfully, while positively impacting the world!

Written By:  Elana Rasekhi